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Cop killer Anthony Bottoms, (aka Jalil Muntagian) who ambushed and killed two New York City Police Officers in cold blood, has been paroled and will be a guest speaker at SUNY Brockport on April 6th.  Bottoms’ $1300 appearance fee will be paid for by a private donor.  Bottoms served 43 years of his 70 sentence after killing Officers Piagentini and Jones by shooting them in the back, in 1971. At his sentencing, Bottoms swore he’d never be rehabilitated.  Every Police Officer across this Country and especially here in New York should be outraged that this former Black Panther and BLA member is even allowed to walk free.

We are calling upon all concerned citizens and especially current and retired law enforcement to call upon SUNY Brockport to stop this cold blooded killer from speaking on a State run College campus, or anywhere for that matter.  Who pays killers to speak and lecture people? 

Call SUNY Brockport NOW and voice your objections to Anthony Bottoms lecturing at this University.  Call Brockport Academic Affairs at (585)395-2561, or Associate Dean of Students Linda M. Delene Ph D. at (585)395-2211, or SUNY Brockport University Police at (585) 395-2222, and let them know your displeasure about honoring cop killers.  Speak out!    


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