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The Town of Montgomery Police Department (Orange County, N.Y.) is looking for applicants to fill a soon-to-be-open position within the Department. It is anticipated the position will be open by mid-September of this year.   Specifications for the opportunity are as follows:

  • We are seeking a recently retired police officer (any rank), who still possesses or can obtain, his/her NYS-MPTC (Or NYCPD) police certification.
  • The individual chosen will be appointed to the Department as a sworn police officer (Part-Time/Non-Competitive Classification).
  • Assignment will be at the Valley Central Middle School, located in Montgomery, N.Y. A second S.R.O. (Retired NYCPD Sergeant) is presently assigned to the Valley Central High School, which is attached to the Middle School on the same campus.
  • Pursuant to Section 212 of the NYS Retirement & Social Security Law, the individual may earn up to a maximum of $30,000.00 annually, with no effect on his/her pension.
  • Current Rate-of-Pay (2019) is $27.81 per-hour. As of 1/1/20 this increases to $28.64
  • An S.R.O. typically works a six (6) hour-day, Weekends, Holidays and Summers off. If school is cancelled due to inclement weather, the S.R.O.’s are off as well. 
  • S.R.O.’s are assigned a marked cruiser for their shift, and are not required to perform uniformed patrol functions. However, they are permitted to work special details (sporting events etc.).
  • As sworn police officers they are provided all uniforms and related equipment, including service weapon. The Department pays for dry cleaning of uniforms, and officers are provided $300.00 annually for the purchase of approved optional uniforms and related equipment.
  • Qualifications are held twice annually, and they must demonstrate the same competency with firearms as all other sworn members of the Department. This includes .9MM Glock Model 17, M-4 .223 Rifle, 12 Ga. Shotgun, Taser and Less-Lethal Bean Bag .12 Ga. Shotgun.

Interested applicants may contact Sgt. VanTassel @(845) 457-9211