Carjacking Tactics – Advisory – Action Need

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Carjackings are on the rise across America.  Recently we learned of a tactic carjackers are using, so please spread the word.

You return to your car and after starting the engine and getting buckled up as you begin to move you notice a note or something on your rear windshield.  Since it clearly doesn’t belong there and it’s in your field of view you put the car in park, unbuckle your seat belt and exit the vehicle to remove the item from your rear windshield leaving the car running and your belongings inside.  After you exit the vehicle carjackers suddenly appear and jump into your car and speed off. 

Inside the car, are your cell phone and your keys.  If you’re a woman –  speeding away is your purse containing your keys, cash, credit cards, and ID with your home address along with the house keys.

So if you see a piece of paper or anything that doesn’t belong on your rear windshield, or even your front windshield, do not get out of  your car, lock your doors and just DRIVE AWAY.   Whatever the item is you can remove it later somewhere safe. 

Spread the word to family members and neighbors.  Protect yourself and your belongings by being extra vigilant in today’s atmosphere of lawlessness and criminal activity that has been emboldened by prosecutor’s unwillingness to hold individuals responsible for their actions.  Be safe.